Candice Brathwaite


Author of "I Am Not Your Baby Mother"

Candice Brathwaite is an acclaimed author, journalist, and TV presenter with a remarkable journey marked by authenticity and influence. Boasting a vibrant online presence with over 250K Instagram followers, Candice is celebrated for her straight-talking demeanor and unwavering determination to showcase the joy of being young, black, and British.

In addition to her impactful media engagements, Candice is a renowned fashion and beauty expert, gracing the screens of the Lorraine show with regular appearances where she shares the latest styling and fashion tips. Her influence extends to the design realm, collaborating with the prestigious accessories label Been London to curate a bestselling handbag collection.

As a highly talented author, Candice has achieved the distinction of two Sunday Times Bestselling books, namely “I Am Not Your Baby Mother” and “Cuts Both Ways.” Her literary prowess is further showcased as a contributing editor for Grazia, a prominent fashion magazine. Featured in the Women’s Prize for Fiction podcast, Candice shared insights into the top five books that shaped her voice.

Beyond her written work, Candice’s voice resonates across various media channels, addressing crucial topics such as maternal mortality rates for black women in Britain. With her first book, ‘I am not your Baby Mother,’ hitting the Sunday Times Bestseller list in 2020, Candice continues to make waves in both non-fiction and fiction spaces, with two upcoming releases slated for 2024, published by Quercus.

Candice’s holistic and exuberant content has cultivated a dedicated following of 285K+ on Instagram and 370+ on TikTok. She also has a successful YouTube channel, where she posts Vlogs for a realistic insight into the lives her Candice and her family. Beyond the digital realm, she co-hosts the widely successful podcast ‘Closet Confessions’ with Sarel, boasting millions of downloads and sell-out live shows. A skilled public speaker, Candice graces brands, media outlets, and corporate entities with her insights through talks and panel discussions.

An award-winning broadcaster and writer, Candice Brathwaite challenges systemic racial and gender prejudices through her impactful work. From her breakthrough memoir in 2016 to her current roles as a Contributing Editor for Grazia and regular appearances on national radio and television news channels, Candice continues to dissect and redefine what it means to be black, British, and female.


In Conversation with Candice Brathwaite