Thea Bardot


Personal Branding & Marketing Specialist | Trans and Neurodiverse Inclusion Activist

Thea is the trans-non-binary finery and ADHD babe behind the disruptive Lightning Travel Recruitment brand.

A specialist travel and lifestyle industry recruitment agency, founded with the goal of creating a new model of travel and lifestyle recruitment that puts people before profits, helping to set a new standard of diverse, inclusive practices in the industry.

Thea spent years managing the hosted buyer programmes for well known luxury travel trade events. It was there they saw the power of bringing people together. They learned good relationships lead to great business – and that, ultimately, personal connections are the most valuable asset in any industry.

With their powerful voice and captivating storytelling, Thea has emerged as a ‘top voice’ on LinkedIn, recognised as one of the top 10 LGBTIA Voices in the UK ’22-’23 and for 23′-24, and was named one of 5 LinkedIn creators to follow by PinkNews in 2023.

They have also contributed LGBTQ articles to Conde Nast Traveller, been featured in Forbes and received the Recruitment Leader award at the UK Recruitment Awards.

Thea is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and they use their platform to share insights into inclusive recruitment, neurodiversity, and transgender awareness. Their unique perspective and engaging approach have earned them a reputation as a thought leader in these areas.

Thea is an engaging and charismatic speakers on a range of topics, including the Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Industry, Recruitment, Neurodiversity in the Workplace, Personal Branding and the inclusion of the LGBTQIA + community and allyship.