Jake and Hannah Graf

He/Him She/Her

Transgender Power Couple

Jake and Hannah Graf are known as the UK’s Transgender Power Couple after being named as the ‘Most Influential LGBTQ Couple’ by the Independent. Inspiring, compelling and engaging speakers, Jake and Hannah share passionate talks on gender, equality, and diversity. They have presented keynote speeches, fireside chats and Q&As both in person and virtually and are best known for their documentary ‘Our Baby: A Modern Miracle’ which was on Channel 4 following their journey on starting a family through surrogacy.

Hannah’s experience as a decorated Officer who transitioned within the Army perfectly places her to speak with confidence on all aspects of the military, diversity and inclusive leadership. Jake’s background in film, acting and writing means he is equally assured when speaking on all manner of topics including the importance of positive representation, the media, and LGBTQ relationships, travel and inclusion.

Both are open, honest and frank when sharing their own personal stories of life pre and post transition, providing a springboard for all manner of follow up messages and themes and engaging the audience early on. These personal accounts cover a broad range of themes including gender equality, addiction and alcoholism, mental health and relationships.

They have the unique perspective of having experienced the world across the gender spectrum and speak with wit and warmth about the trials and tribulations of growing up transgender and finding their place in the world.


Jake and Hannah Graf: Navigate Beauty Ideals As A Trans Couple