Troy The Magician


International TV Magician

If you think you have seen it all, the mind-blowing magic tricks our world famous Magician and Speaker Troy can perform will leave you speechless. This talented and popular TV magician became famous when he launched his own TV series on Channel 4 and E4 in 2014.

Troy discovered his passion for magic when he watched the performance of a local magician called The Great Kovari when he was six years old. In the 90s, inspired by David Blaine, he decided to become a professional illusionist. At the age of 13, he joined the Young Magicians Club, a youth section of the renowned Magic Circle, an organisation that recognsied his talent with the Young Close Up Magician of the Year award.

Since then, this talented close up magician’s career has been meteoric. Channel 4’s producers immediately spotted his potential and offered him the possibility to participate in a TV series. In his various television appearances, Troy has performed incredible large-scale stunts and pranks and has showed things that can go wrong with selfies, passwords, social media and virus.

As a close up magician, some of the mind-blowing magic tricks he can perform includes levitation, card handling and tricks with coins, although he can perform magic with any object and elements like fire and light. This skilled illusionist also offers incredible stage magic shows and has adapted his offering for a virtual format.


Troy The Magician