Guz Khan

He / Him

Comedian, writer and performer

Guz Khan, also known as Guzzy Bear, is a comedian, writer, television director and producer who is best known for his stand-up and for appearing in television series such as “Man Like Mobeen.”

Khan was born in Small Heath, Birmingham, England, and he studied at Coventry University before going on to begin his career first working as a teacher for humanities at Grace Academy.

Moving towards comedy, Khan went on to upload his first video through Facebook which then led him to immediately begin performing on stage and opening for Aamer Rahman at Birmingham Repertory Theatre. He then went on to perform at the Library of Birmingham BBC Asian Network.

Through his comedy sketches, Khan is known for performing as the character Mobeen, who is a Muslim that lives in Small Heath. He then went on to take his character Mobeen and use him in the short film “Roadman Ramadan.” Shortly after, Khan began pursuing a comedy career full-time and then performed at Big Comedy Night.

Khan has also gone on to have his own comedy series Man Like Mobeen, and has appeared in television series and films which include “Turn Up Charlie,” “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” “Finding Fatimah,” “Borderline,” and more..


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