Laura Lexx


Comdian & Writer

Comedian, author, improvisor and actor Laura Lexx is vivacious, impassioned, smart and one of the best female comedians currently performing. Born and bred in the home county of Somerset, Laura’s homely demeanour, warmth and energy delightfully juxtapose her biting wit, sharp tongue and brutal audience take downs.

Laura debuted on Live at The Apollo in 2018 and received an unprecedented reaction both from the live crowd and audiences at home. She expertly transposes her mercurial ability with an audience into her very sharp hour long performances, for which she has received various prestigious industry nominations. She is one of the most sought-after acts on the comedy circuit.

She’s an all-round performer bursting with talent, creativity and stamina. Having reached the lofty heights of the top of the live comedy club circuit, headlining at clubs around the UK and Europe, she now boasts a series of highly-polished and critically acclaimed stand up shows, has TV and radio appearances in abundance and is the published author of ‘Klopp Actually’ and ‘Pivot’ her debut novel. With unrivalled tenacity, intelligence and an infectiously vibrant attitude to life, Laura Lexx is UK comedy’s next big thing.


Laura Lexx - BBC Ouch - Edinburgh Fringe 2018