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Bridging AI Innovation with Human-Centric Leadership

Ashanti Bentil Dhue is a leading DEI, Leadership and organisational change speaker, practitioner and coach. A pioneer in bridging AI Innovation with Human-Centric Leadership.

With an illustrious career spanning two decades, Ashanti Bentil-Dhue stands at the forefront of HR, L&D, and DEI innovations. As the visionary CEO of Good Soil Leaders, she’s established a legacy at the crossroads of human resource transformation and the avant-garde applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Ashanti helps organisations to drive change through conscious and self aware conversation. She teaches that systemic change comes from taking a considered, blended approach with the inclusion of appropriate lived experience along with dynamic and innovative approaches to facilitated thinking.

Ashanti curates and hosts 2 successful podcasts, The Good Soil Podcast is aimed at businesses revealing what they need to know in order to identify, select and engage the right DEI experts, at the right time to ensure they convert ROI on their diversity, equity and inclusion investments.

Confessions of a DEI Practitioner is created for practitioners and consultants offering a critical analysis of the state of the DEI industry, led by those actually doing the work with organisations; speaking openly about the skills, competencies and qualities required by those doing this work.

A hallmark of her esteemed career is her upcoming book, set for release in January 2024. Diving deep into DEI practitioner competency, this highly-anticipated work offers insights into the seamless integration of AI in DEI functions. It also demystifies the intricate process of hiring competent DEI practitioners, guiding organizations in fostering genuine, sustainable change. Ashanti’s book promises to be a touchstone for HR and DEI professionals aiming to merge technological advancements with human-centric strategies.

Beyond her literary contributions, Ashanti’s expertise is rooted in hands-on experience and influential collaborations with global enterprises. Guiding senior leaders, she has translated the complexities of AI into actionable, transformative strategies, especially in the realm of DEI.

Her unique approach underscores the synergy between ethical AI solutions and human intuition, ensuring that while technology propels forward, it remains anchored in principles of equity and inclusion.

A sought-after speaker and now author, Ashanti’s offerings are a potent blend of technical knowledge and human-focused perspectives. To organizations and conferences aiming to remain on the bleeding edge of HR innovation, Ashanti Bentil-Dhue is not just a luminary – she is the embodiment of transformative thought leadership for the digital age.

Talk titles include:

  • Harnessing AI in HR: From Skepticism to Strategy
  • AI in L&D: Crafting Customized Learning Journeys
  • Revolutionizing DEI with AI: Promise, Pitfalls, and Potential


Ashanti was a fantastic speaker; engaging and informative at the same time. Ashanti delivered a keynote speech on inclusive communication with passion keeping our audience interested throughout. She also answered challenging questions, educating the audience whilst holding space for different perspectives. Her D&I expertise was first class and we would highly recommend her to other organisations.

Dr Antonia Sudkaemper – Diversity and Inclusion Manager and/or ICAEW / Lauren Baldridge – Marketing Manager, ICAEW

Ashanti is a breath of fresh air, and she is INCREDIBLY educated on diversity and Inclusion. After 1 hour of speaking to Ashanti we felt inspired, educated and focused to be better and make meaningful change. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to understand how to improve their D&l efforts.

Luke Fagg– Head of Marketing, Diversity, Inclusion, Champion at Studio Vision

Good Soil Leaders provided nothing but value at the Future of HR Forum. Ashanti hosted both a top-tier panel session discussing the risk of deprioritising DEI initiatives during a recession, as well as a roundtable allowing our community to dig deeper into the daily challenges they’re facing. Not only was the feedback for both sessions hugely positive, but working with the GSL team was seamless and every member was a delight to deal with. We look forward to carrying our partnership forward to continue to provide thought leadership across our HR and Finance communities.

Max Duce - Future Forums


Ashanti Benhil Dhue Showreel
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