Jude Morrow

Neurodiversity Author & Entrepreneur

Jude Morrow is an autistic best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and keynote speaker from Derry, Northern Ireland.

Growing up as an autistic child in 1990s Ireland. Jude always knew he wasn’t like everyone, and lived a life of “can’ts”. Jude can’t communicate properly, Jude can’t socialise properly, Jude can’t wait in long queues. Eventually he grew to believe he could never DO or ACHIEVE anything.

Thankfully, Jude had supportive parents who always accepted him for who he was and he became a social worker, graduating from Ulster University in 2012 and worked in various sectors.

However, it was the birth of his son Ethan in July 2013 and his early life encouraged Jude to accept and embrace  his autistic identity. Since then, Jude has written two books “Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad?” And “Loving Your Place on The Spectrum: a Neurodiversity Blueprint.” Both were published by Beyond Words Publishing, the same publishing house as The Secret.

His first book won the Gold Medal at the Living Now Book Awards.

Jude is now a proud Neurodivergent TEDX speaker, touring motivational speaker and the founder of Neurodiversity Training International.

Jude’s talks and workshops are wholly inspiring, delivering accessible organisational practices such as interview techniques and simplifying internal communications and operating a growth mindset; from the perspective of a neurodivergent but how this applies to everyone.