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Michelle Gyimah

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Pay Gaps Expert and Salary Transparency Strategist

Michelle Gyimah is a highly renowned Pay Gaps Reporter, Salary Negotiation Coach, Keynote Speaker and Podcast Host.

It wasn’t until Michelle was looking for a job after her first maternity leave that she understood. The gender pay gap was a huge slap in the face in real life, but she should have known better really. Why? Because Michelle had spent 10 years working on equal pay and pregnancy & maternity discrimination issues at the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Michelle knew the theory, read the case studies and even taught employers what to do to avoid it, but hadn’t lived it until 2015 when she needed to work but couldn’t do so full time due to childcare responsibilities.

That was when all the pieces fell into place, Michelle had become a statistic.

It was hard. It was soul destroying and slowly started to believe that the skills she had gained over the years were no longer valued by employers. All because she couldn’t work full time.

For the first time, she understood both sides of the coin.

Fast forward 6 years and things are very different now. Making the bold decision to utilise her expertise as a consultant and going on to set up Equality Pays, Michelle now teaches businesses to see how small actions to close gender and ethnicity pay gaps can have a big impact on employees and business productivity. 

Michelle’s talks serve to demystify strategies which close gender and ethnicity pay gaps and highlight how this in turn future proofs organisations by enabling them to retain and attract talent of the highest quality.

Key topics Include:

  • How hold conversations about gender and ethnicity pay gaps in the workplace
  • No guilt, No shame; strategies for talking about your gender and ethnicity pay gap in your company 
  • Prince charming will not close your pay gap; why women must negotiate for more
  • How corporates can be active allies for their Black employees and customers


Michelle Gyimah - Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Interview