Beta Lucca


Gaming & Creative Entrepreneur

Roberta Lucca (aka Beta Lucca) is a successful creative entrepreneur, futurist, angel investor,
international keynote speaker and creator of Hyper Curious podcast.
The MBA British-Brazilian founded and grew multiple businesses, including the
BAFTA-winning Bossa Studios, a VC-backed, multi-million-dollar video games company
widely regarded for its creativity at scale approach and reach of millions of Millennials and
Gen Z consumers worldwide.
Beta is an expert in and frequently speaks about high growth entrepreneurship, creativity,
multipotentiality, diversity and futurism. She brings first-hand 20 years of experience in
launching dozens of innovative products, companies, games, and helping leaders take
disruptive actions to grow their businesses while improving their leadership.
She is Forbes Top 50 Women in Tech, and has been featured in world-renowned media
outlets such as Sky News, BBC News, Times Radio, Financial Times, Disney Channel, Marie
Claire, Wired, Management Today and CNBC.
Her mission is to empower people and organisations to see the future from fresh
perspectives, think laterally and act boldly.

Speech Titles Include:
On Innovation & Entrepreneurship:
● Develop your entrepreneurial mindset
● How to deal with professional failures – lessons from a Forbes-listed successful serial
● What the most curious people teach us about non-linear success
● 10 Things I wish I knew when I was raising millions for my Startups
● How to come up with new business ideas
● 5 things I wish I knew when starting my first business
● Building your personal brand while growing your company
● Embrace your originality

On the Future of Work and Leadership:
● Why job titles trap us into one identity – how leaders must adapt to the keep GenZ
workforce engaged at work
● Being a successful multipotentialite in a world that wants you to become a specialist
● What Standup Comedy taught me about Leadership
● How to become a confident and charismatic leader
● How to find your passion in 2021


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