How it works

Matching the right talent to an event can be daunting. We’ve laid out the key steps of booking a speaker or act for an event here but if you’re looking to curate a longer term inclusion programme, or if you’d prefer to just speak to us in person, feel free to give us a call; we’re all about making connections and having conversations, so we’ll be happy to talk you through every step!

  • Planning: whether you’re an experienced event manager, or putting together an event for the first time, planning is key. Start by asking yourself this: when your event is over, what do you want your audience to know or feel that they didn’t before? Other great pieces of information to bring to us in the first instance are where in the day the speaker or entertainer will fall, how long the time-slot they have is and roughly what you can commit in terms of budget. We love to think outside the box but we never suggest speakers that aren’t a good fit – so the more information you can give us about your audience, the better. Of course, if you have someone in particular in mind, just let us know!
  • Brainstorming: our website is a great jumping off point to get you thinking about the range of speakers we work with and topics they cover, but it’s by no means an exhaustive list. We work with thousands of speakers and entertainers but rather than cram them all into one giant website, we prefer to work personally with you to match your event with the perfect talent, suited your goals and budget; each brief is treated as bespoke. We’ll help you see connections that might not immediately be obvious and show you how a speaker or entertainer from a different world your to delegates can open up new perspectives.
  • Shortlisting: after we’ve got to know a bit about you and your event, we’ll provide a varied, impartial tailored shortlist of speaker or entertainment options, from a variety of different backgrounds and industries, within the budget and guidelines you’ve provided. Wherever possible, we support these recommendations with video footage and testimonials from previous events. When you’ve decided on your front runners, we’ll make a few calls and check out availability and run the concept of the event past the speaker in principle. Once you know who you’d like to book, we’ll make the formal offer on your behalf, drawing on the benefits of our years of experience and close relationships with speakers, entertainers and agents.
  • Contracting: when the speaker or artist has accepted your offer, they consider that date confirmed in their diary and we’ll issue you with a simple and straightforward contract to cement the booking. The speaker will receive a mirror contract, so you can be assured that everyone has agreed to the same terms and conditions. Alongside payment terms, the paperwork will cover anything specific to your event, as well as the usual details of time, date, location and topics to be covered. It’s in everyone’s interest to make sure there are no surprises on the day, so all the pertinent details are agreed up front.
  • Briefing: in the run up to the event, we’ll be in touch to make sure the speaker has everything they need to excel on day. This could include briefing notes about the company and the audience, or, if there are hosting duties involved, a script or interview notes. About two weeks before the event, we’ll set up a briefing conference call with your chosen speaker, so you can chat through the event with them and answer any questions they might have.
  • On the Day: it’s our job to make sure your speaker arrives on the day with everything they need, so we’ll organise the travel and logistics and provide your speaker with a detailed Call Sheet so they have their schedule and key contacts at a glance. We’ll also exchange contact information so you can reach one another when you’re on site – and the Spectrum team are always just a phone-call away to deal with any last-minute emergencies. We’re continually looking to improve our service and give constructive feedback to our speakers and entertainers, so we’ll always follow up with a detailed de-briefing call to talk through how the event went.

Let’s Talk…

Ready to talk about your next event? Drop us a line on +44 203 239 4555 or head to our contact page.