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Amjid Khazir


Award Winning Film-maker and Activist

Amjid is the CEO and Founder of Media Cultured. Through the production of highly acclaimed films and the delivery of interactive workshops and exhibitions; Media Cultured strategically challenges extremist narratives, promotes social cohesion and delivers high impact services to corporates, schools, colleges, and communities.

With over two decades of experience in communications and grassroots activism,

Amjid has been widely acclaimed for his pioneering and benchmark work to tackle racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and extremism.

Following the death of his uncle Mohammed Zabir in 2011, post an alleged Islamophobic assault, Amjid has dedicated his life to denouncing all forms of racism and extremism; and his use of film, art and sport as a means to promote unity is central to his unique portfolio of work. Much of which has been featured in studies by leading universities and political institutions across the UK and alongside the likes of the Premier League NSPCC, Princes Trust and the National Citizenship Service programme.

In 2020, Media Cultured won the UK Enterprise Award for Best Racism and Extremism Awareness Training Provider, A Business Hero Award from the UK Chambers Of Commerce, and a regional Excellence Award for their work on Equality, Cultural Understanding and Inclusion. Amjid’s personal achievements have also been recognised globally with many awards and in 2014 he was a guest of the Obama administration, meeting with activists, academics, and colleagues from across the USA.

Furthermore, Amjid is the vice chair and an active member of his local SACRE and helped to produce the ‘East To North East’ film and exhibition linked to the BBC and British Library `Civilisations’.


Media Cultured - Tackling Racism