Benjy Kusi


Inclusion/Wellbeing Consultant

Benjy Kusi is the game-changer in the world of TikTok who’s redefining the narrative beyond viral dances and funny trends. This 26-year-old dynamo from south London, better known as @benjy_lookbook, isn’t just a content creator – he’s an author, diversity and inclusion professional, and an all-around force for positive change.

In the vast realm of TikTok, Benjy stands out with his infectious positivity and knack for tackling serious issues with a smile. Dazed hailed him as an “icon in the making,” and TikTok recognized him as a 2021 “Voice of Change.” It’s no surprise, given his impressive collaborations with LinkedIn, Google, and Greenpeace.

With a following of over 200,000 and 4.3 million likes in just a year, Benjy has become a beacon of knowledge and inspiration. His educational videos on diversity and inclusion have made him one of TikTok’s ‘voices for change’ and a LGBTQIA+ trailblazer for Pride Month. He even played a crucial role in TikTok’s ‘this is Black’ campaign for Black History Month.

Benjy’s mission is clear – to provide tips that make a positive difference in people’s lives. Whether he’s delving into topics like racism, homophobia, or sexism, his warm and positive approach creates a safe space for important conversations. As a consultant and creator, he uses his platform to champion allyship and help followers become better allies to marginalized communities.

Navigate to @benjy_lookbook, and you’ll find a treasure trove of insights. From addressing misogyny in the gay male community to exploring the impact of racism on the brain, Benjy covers it all.

Benjy spreads kindness, advocates for inclusion, and adds a dash of humour to serious discussions. If you’re aiming to up your allyship game Benjy Kusi is your go-to guide – your daily dose of positivity and enlightenment.


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