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Founder of Alt Marketing School

Fab Giovanetti is an award-winning author and marketing consultant. She has spent the last ten years supporting startups and entrepreneurs with starting, scaling and marketing their own brands. She runs events and courses, and has worked with 10,000 people from all over the world.

Fab focuses on helping busy professionals to reclaim their time by setting up powerful systems for business and marketing. She is the CEO of Alt Marketing School, where they deliver positive impact marketing training from leading experts.

Fab Giovanetti has a wide reaching platform, having featured in the Next Web, Business Insider and Forbes among others. Her style is energetic and dynamic, describing herself as a “Business Cheerleader”. Fab is the author of award-winning book “Reclaim Your Time Off”.

As a GEC-certified diversity ambassador, Fab is passionate about making marketing more inclusive and accessible for everyone. She has a background experience in the events and wellness sector and is an international speaker and guest lecturer.

Fab is passionate about inclusion. Recognising that representation within marketing is substandard, she has introduced a scholarship for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at the Alt Marketing School.

This programme offers free places on the course for students from marginalised backgrounds, in the hopes of creating greater diversity in the marketing industry.


Fab Giovanetti - Reclaim Your Time Off