Luis Canto E Castro


Accessibility Ambassador

Meet Luis Canto E Castro a leading expert, through his lived experience, on motivation, accessibility, disability, inclusion, and social mobility. Luis has dedicated his life to breaking down barriers and dismantling taboos surrounding disabilities.

As a disabled individual himself, Luis brings a unique and personal perspective to his discussions on the importance of accessibility in all aspects of life, from the built environment to digital technology. With his engaging speaking style and relatable anecdotes, he inspires audiences to think more inclusively and to take action to make their communities more accessible for everyone.

In addition to his consultancy role within diversity and inclusion, Luis is also passionate about using technology as a tool for social mobility. He believes that with the right resources and support, individuals with disabilities can achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Through his talks and consulting, Luis empowers individuals to take control of their lives and achieve their goals. His message of inspiration and motivation is one that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds, and he leaves his listeners feeling empowered and ready to make a positive impact in their own lives and communities.

Luis is a down-to-earth and friendly speaker covering topics such as Accessibility, Disability, Disability taboos, Inspiration, Social Mobility, Technology, and Motivation.


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