Victoria Jenkins


Founders Of Inclusive Fashion Line Unhidden, Designing For Disability

Victoria Jenkins is a garment technologist with 14 years experience in the fashion industry who became Disabled in her 20s. She founded Unhidden after a chance encounter with a woman with cancer that changed the course of her life. This is Unhidden’s story.

She had survived cancer, but she was left with multiple other conditions. She had openings in her stomach to release waste (called a stoma) and she also had lines in her arm to deliver medicine and she was in hospital to have a chest port fitted. Every time the doctors came round she had to remove all her clothing, usually in front of a team of doctors. She couldn’t even access her own stoma, arm line or chest port without removing clothing or exposing herself in some way throughout her daily life.

Pyjama tops and loungewear were her only options – but she told me she wanted to dress in nicer clothes – but nothing would adapt.

IIt was then, in that hospital, in front of that amazing lady that the idea of Unhidden was born.

Victoria is also a brand ambassador for Models of Diversity and co founder of No Comment Required, an ethical slogan clothing range focusing on positive representation for people with mental health issues and disabilities as well as all marginalised groups.


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