12 Awards Hosts You Didn’t Know You Needed in 2023/2024

An image of verious comedians and awards hosts, the text reads 12 awards hosts you didn't realise you neeed

We love a good awards ceremony – who doesn’t? But for those of you in the business of organising awards ceremonies year in, year out, we know it can sometimes feel like you’re seeing the same faces hosting and performing again and again and again. The team at Spectrum are here to give you the run-down on the 12 hottest awards host acts this season that you never knew you needed.

Allison Hammond Spectrum Speakers Profile Picture
  • Allison Hammond – nationally loved TV Personality, presenter of Good Morning and now Great British Bake Off [bio here]
Babatunde Aleshe Spectrum Speakers Profile Picture
  • Babatunde Aleshe – Fast rising young star Babatunde Aleshe is already one of the biggest names on the Black British comedy circuit. [bio here]
Judi Love Spectrum Speakers Profile Picture
  • Judi Love – Straight-talking powerhouse Judi Love is one of the UK’s most stand-out up-and-coming performers. [bio here]
Jamali Maddix Spectrum Speakers Profile Picture
  • Jamali Maddix – Critically acclaimed comedian Jamali has a completely unique voice and style, making him one of the most sought after comedians working today. [bio here]
Guz Khan Spectrum Speakers Profile Picture
  • Guz Khan – This loveable, funny guy is known for bringing his big-screen persona and BAFTA-nominated hilarity to the stand-up stage in Guz Khan Live! [bio here]
Sanjeev Bhaskar Spectrum Speakers Profile Picture
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar – Actor and writer Sanjeev Bhaskar is best known for creating and performing in the ground-breaking and much loved BBC series Goodness Gracious Me. [bio here]
Kai Kurd Spectrum Speakers Profile Picture
  • Kae Kurd – Smart, sharp and brilliantly funny, Kae Kurd is a young British-Kurdish stand up making a serious name for himself. [bio here]
Victoria Coren Mitchell Spectrum Speakers Profile Picture
  • Victoria Coren Mitchell – Victoria Coren Mitchell is a writer, broadcaster, presenter of Only Connect on BBC Two and a competitive international poker player. [bio here]
Daisy May Cooper Speakers Profile Picture
  • Daisy May Cooper – Instantly recognisable, Daisy is an award-winning and much loved comedy actress and writer. [bio here]
Katherine Ryan Spectrum Speakers Profile Picture
  • Katherine Ryan – Comedy royalty in the UK and beyond, Katherine is a highly experienced and hilarious performer and awards host. [bio here]
Tom Allen Spectrum Speakers Profile Picture
  • Tom Allen – A household name with his signature acerbic wit and riotous storytelling, Tom Allen is a star on both stage and screen. [bio here]
Mo Gilligan Spectrum Speakers Profile Picture
  • Mo Gilligan – Triple BAFTA winner Mo Gilligan is one of the UK’s biggest comedy stars with an online reach running into multiple millions. [bio here]