4 Ways AI can make events better and more inclusive

Until the machines rise up and take over, we love AI!

One of the many life-changing applications of Artificial Intelligence is its ability to make life easier and more accessible for everyone to enjoy events.

Here are just four ways you can use AI to take your events from good to great ⤵️

⚙️ AI Powered Live Captioning: platforms like Deepgram are fantastic not just for attendees who have hearing impairments but also useful for those who don’t speak the event language fluently, and everyone who just likes to make things extra clear by reading subtitles.

⚙️ Real-time Sign Language Translator: Nothing will ever replace having a live sign language interpreter at your event – however, for pre-event comms., on-the-day digital signage, and basically anywhere where text is used, platforms like Signapse and their AI generated interpreters are filling a need for deaf and hearing impaired folks who find written text inaccessible.

⚙️ Movement Tracking: AI has the capability to identify congestion points in the movement of the your attendees, proposing alternative routes to maintain a seamless flow. Using AI-driven crowd monitoring, potential obstructions and bottlenecks can be pinpointed, guaranteeing that the venue remains easily accessible for individuals using wheelchairs or facing mobility challenges.

⚙️ Assistance Bots: No, we’re not joking! Imagine putting an Alexa inside a Romba, and having it glide around, helping your event attendees out with anything they might need to know. Great for people who need a little extra guidance about what is where, or anyone who finds it difficult asking people for help.