5 Financial Wellbeing and Social Inclusion Speakers For The New Year

Financial Wellbeing and Social inclusion SPEAKERS FOR THE NEW yeAR

We know everyone is eyes deep in gala dinners and awards ceremonies at the moment – but we also know January kick-off season isn’t far off. And with the cost of living crisis, interest rates and fuel bills on everyone’s minds, it could be the perfect time to turn the focus inwards as address how staff are handling present financials wellbeing challenges.

Amol Rajan

Amol Rajan is a Radio 4 Today programme presenter, Host of University Challenge and presenter of the acclaimed Amol Rajan interviews series… [learn more]

Dharshini David

Dharshini David is a highly experienced broadcaster and economist who covers financial news for the BBC. In July 2023 she was appointed chief economics correspondent for BBC News… [learn more]

Emmanuel Asuquo

Emmanuel Asuquo is a renowned, financial advisor, media personality, wealth building entrepreneur and international speaker… [learn more]

Karl Lokko

Karl Lokko is the Chairman at Black Seed; the first seed fund in Europe investing only in Black founders, led by Black investors. Rooted in Brixton, with global ambition… [learn more]

Tayo Oguntonade

As an experienced Mortgage Broker, Property Expert, Investor and Influencer, Tayo Oguntonade regularly uses his expertise to break down complex and relevant property topics for the everyday person to understand… [learn more]

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