6 Ways Your Company Can Meaningfully Mark Black History Month

We know many UK companies are keen to mark Black History Month but that it can be difficult to know where to start and how to create this authentically.

At Spectrum, we’re always here to help to empower inclusive conversations and inclusive actions. So in the first instance, reach out to us for a chat about what our speakers, hosts and entertainers could bring to your Black History Month celebrations.

To help things along, check out our 6 Ways Your Company Can Meaningfully Mark Black History Month, or get in touch with the team at Spectrum Speakers.

  • Ask the Right Questions – Chiefly, ‘What does Black History Month mean to the black demographic within your organisation / event audience?’ Doing the preparation beforehand is vital to to understanding what is going to be most valuable and celebratory action you can take throughout the month and, crucially, beyond! There is such broad intersectionality of the black experience, it’s important to ensure that your celebratory activities are representative of these as much as possible.
  • Hosting a Speaker (or ten!) – okay, okay, we’re always going to recommend getting one of our fantastic speakers in to address your team! Remember what we said above – if you’re looking to represent the range and breath of the black experience, one 30 minute session isn’t going to cut it. So, if you’re considering hosting a programme of speaker sessions in your offices or at an off-site event, talk to us about what you want the audience take-away to be. If you’re looking to kick off with a general overview of the history of Black History Month, a speaker such as Historian And Allyship Author Emma Dabiri could be a great fit. Would your delegates benefit from hearing an inspirational story from a black athlete, such as Dame Kelly Holmes, or would they get more out of a more informative session, such as an expert highlighting diversity challenge journeys within your own industry – for example Tech (Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, Renee Reid), Finance (Emmanuel Asuquo, Tayo Oguntonade) or Broadcast Media (June Sarpong OBE, Sir Lenny Henry)? Then you might like to explore the issues from a sector that touches all workplaces such as HR, with Dawn Morton-Young. There are so many different angles to explore – get in touch with the Spectrum team today to discuss your speaker goals and outcomes, and we’ll recommend a tailored shortlist guaranteed to fit your event objectives.
  • Run an Inclusivity Workshop and Create a Long Term Strategy – Each year, BHM suggests a theme by which organisations can participate – but is this right for your company? Affecting organisational change and confronting where your company may be falling short isn’t always comfortable – but it’s necessary! Can you use Black History Month as a time to not only interrogate historic inequalities within your in own industry but also set the tone for the future, with check-in/refresher sessions scheduled for later on in the year?
  • Throw a Celebration Event – while Black History Month is absolutely a time for learning, examining and maybe having those difficult conversations, it’s also a celebration of Black culture! Whether that’s through music, cookery, art or comedy, Spectrum has a huge database of talent ready to help you throw an exciting, varied, engaging and hugely entertaining Black History Month Celebration.
  • Process & Supply Chain – Quite literally, putting your money where your mouth is! It may not be the most exciting or the most PR winning way to mark Black History Month but it’s probably the most authentic and sustainable way of demonstrating intentional inclusion. Taking steps internally to revaluate and interrogate your company processes and supply chain is a key step to rooting out biases within an organisation.
  • Forge a New Partnership – it’s not just about History, it’s about Now and the Future. Many of our speakers have founded or represent charities and social enterprises doing amazing work in black communities in the UK and beyond. Get in touch to discuss how bringing in one of our speakers could be the start of a meaningful new partnership.

But wait, isn’t Black History Month supposed to be about…history?

Coming soon – we’ll be taking a look at what Black History Month really means in 2022, and whether it needs updating.