Are Introverts Invited?

a man hiding behind a mask

In the bustling world of event planning, it’s easy to overlook the needs of introverts amidst the myriad of considerations. Yet, as a pivotal part of our diverse society, it’s high time we shine a spotlight on making events more inclusive for this often-overlooked group.

Five years ago, an MPI study revealed a scale of groups best served by events, with introverts landing at the bottom. While not typically categorized as a marginalized group, introverts share overlaps with neurodivergence and certain health conditions, which means they deserve thoughtful consideration in event planning.

So, how can event managers ensure their gatherings are appealing to introverts? It starts with proactive planning. From the get-go, design events with varying levels of extraversion in mind. Consider including some activities and sessions that cater to those who may prefer quieter, more introspective engagements.

Communication is key. Provide clear descriptions of activities in advance, which include the expected level of interaction – this empowers attendees to make informed decisions about their participation.

Offer diverse engagement options within sessions, such as live text feeds or hashtags alongside traditional methods like roving microphones. This allows introverts to contribute in ways that align with their comfort levels.

And let’s bid farewell to icebreaker games—relics from the 90s. Instead, let’s embrace inclusive approaches that foster genuine connections and respect everyone’s unique preferences. By embracing introverts’ needs, we create events that truly welcome all, fostering a more enriching and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.