Brightelm Evolve Conference Round-Up

lauralee whyte on stage at evolve brightelm conference

Who doesn’t love an event all about event (so meta!).

Lauralee Whyte, Founder of Spectrum Speakers, was asked to speaker at Brightelm’s Evolve in February, and jumped at the chance! It’s the meeting for anyone that works in a membership organisation that has a responsibility for events – so the perfect opportunity to discuss all the cutting edge topics in the events world. The day was packed with panels and speakers sharing their knowledge and igniting thought-provoking conversations.

🥡 Our Takeaways 🥡

✈️ Eventprofs need to be leading the way in sustainability – the days of jetting delegates all over the globe being the default are OVER! We’re talking quality hybrid events, in-person for locals, connected and shared internationally with the best innovations in tech.

🫱🏽‍🫲🏿 You’re not annoying anyone by sharing what you’re doing to make your events more inclusive and accessible. You can do your best, while openly inviting recommendations for feedback and improvement. As an events manager, you will always be called out for something anyway , it might as well be because you tried!

We had a blast! Check out events agency Brightelm for details of future ‘Events Events’!

For more helpful tips and advice about running events inclusively

check out our Mastermind Clinics for events professionals. Our Masterclass Clinics for Events Professionals are curated by experts in the business. As one of the first Inclusion focussed suppliers and consultancy to the events industry in the UK, the Spectrum team are uniquely placed to advise, inform and spark discussion about how to weave inclusion into all aspects of event management. [read more]