Diversity and Inclusion in Health and Safety

Learn About Diversity and Inclusion in health and Safety Policy

28th April is UN World Day for Safety and Health at Work but we all know that Health and Safety is one of the most important but perhaps less… engaging… aspects of company life.

However, diversity, inclusion and allyship play a KEY role Inclusion plays in successful Health and Safety policy, ESPECIALLY at events. Here are just a few things to consider:

  • Lots of places of work have generic health and safety advice that employees take for granted – but when’s the last time employees were asked to review company guidelines from a differently abled person’s perspective? Could, for example, your employees tell you where the nearest fire escape to their workspace that the could be used by a disabled colleague or visitor is? Are there systems in place to support any neurodivergent colleagues who might become overwhelmed in an emergency situation and need support to exit the workplace safely?
  • Not all health needs are physical: does you staff have designated mental health first aiders? If so, do the staff know who they are, where to find them and how to find support when they are not available?
  • Do all of your workers know who to report Health and Safety concerns to, and will they feel comfortable doing so? In addition to having clear and accessible policies against harassment and discrimination, and promoting employee health, safety and well-being, are the Health and Safety officers themselves recruited from a diverse talent pool?
  • There are myriad ways accessibility and inclusion are particularly relevant to Health and Safety concerns at all kinds of event. You can learn more by downloading our FREE guide to producing inclusive events here.

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