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We know finances are at the forefront of peoples minds at the moment, whether that’s on a personal level, if you own a small business, or whether you’re working in a big organisation. The chancellor’s mini-budget last week has commentators battling with another, with some claiming the 1% tax cut, raising of stamp duty threshold and energy cap will make a significant difference to the general public, with others pointing to removal of the 45% tax rate and the cap on bankers’ bonuses when they claim the announcement disproportionally favours the already-wealthy.

To help you cut through the noise, now seemed like a great time to shine a light on some fantastic business and finance speakers who can offer insight into all aspects of peoples finances, and communicate complex ideas to event audiences in a unique and accessible way.

Emmanuel Asuquo is a renowned, financial advisor, media personality, wealth building entrepreneur and international speaker. He has a fun, energetic and passionate delivery style and has a unique way of bring financial advice to life, make finance relatable and easy to understand. Check out his latest interview on the mini-budget with Michelle Ackerley on Jeremey Vine here.

Tayo Oguntonade is an experienced Mortgage Broker, Property Expert, Investor and Influencer. Tayo can be seen presenting The Great House Giveaway on Channel 4 which this year scored a hat-trick, winning best daytime programme at the BAFTAs, RTS and Broadcast Awards. Whilst Tayo was also personally nominated for best debut presenter at the Edinburgh Television Festival. As the co-founder of BrickzWithTipz, a property blogging platform he founded with his wife, Tayo’s expertise and advice has reached over 1000,000 people in need.

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