Four Brains are Better Than One – Kick off 2023 with a Curated Panel

Panel Sessions From Spectrum Speakers

Spectrum Speakers are highly experienced at curating fantastic panels for curious audiences. Whether there’s a burning question you’re dying to see discussed or lots of general talking points to cover, Spectrum will pull from our bank of fascinating experts and skilled hosts to create an inclusive, thought-provoking and dynamic selection of voices guaranteed to spark discussion.

Should I book a speaker or a panel at my corporate event?

While speakers who are experts in their field are a great option for informing, inspiring and motivating audience members, hosting a panel session at your event instead can be a fantastic way of presenting multiple points of view. It’s especially useful for conferences, summits and kick-off meetings, where there are often questions and challenges to be addressed. Considering input from multiple experts from different industries and backgrounds can produce more insights into the challenges your organisation is facing than one speaker alone.

How many people should be on a panel?

We recommend at least three speakers and a host, which gives plenty of scope for balance and conversation, and gives each panellist enough time to collect their thoughts between answers and to react to what’s being said.

How can I make sure my panel is balanced?

While it might be tempting to select panellists who are diametrically opposed on certain discussion points, it’s important to make sure the session is productive rather than combative. Rather than choosing panellists for what you think their opinions on a certain topic might be, consider the industry they come from and their background when looking for a wide range of interesting opinions.

How can I search for panellists inclusively?

As Spectrum is the first UK inclusion focussed speaker agency, we’re ideally placed to curate a balanced, inclusive and representative panel on your behalf, whatever the topics to be discussed.

What kind of speaker makes a good panel host?

A good panel host is essential for drawing the whole panel together and getting the most out of the session. Unless they’re very experienced, resist the urge to use an individual from your organisation as a host, as it’s a very specific skill set built up over time that is much trickier than you’d think! In addition to Spectrum’s speakers who routinely host panels, some professions lend themselves particularly well the panel moderation, such as broadcast journalism, TV presenters, and anyone who is used to doing research and thinking on their feet!

Do I have to pay for speakers on a panel?

In some instances, for example at industry summits, trade shows and at not-for-profit or charity events, some panellists may choose to forgo a fee, however at corporate events where the panellists are offering their insights to your delegates for their benefit expect to pay a fee for their time, expertise and research.

What do I need to do before hosting a panel at an event?

For a panel session, it’s especially important to have at least one thorough briefing call, hosting by Spectrum, so that the panellists can get to know one another, and you can run through what the session will look like. It may be useful for you to have a separate briefing call with the host beforehand, in order to explain what you’d like to draw out from each of the panellists. We’ll support you throughout the process and make sure all the resources your panellists need are with them on time and in the right format.

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Our roster or thought-leaders and entertainers includes Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Differently-Abled, Neurodivergent and Socially Disadvantaged speakers, hosts and entertainment who captivate audiences and spark discussion.

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