Hosts, Entertainment and More for Autumn/Winter Events 2022

Even though the sun is currently shining, we in the events world know that the lead time on our silly season means we need to start thinking about those events now.

Take our advice – don’t leave it ’til September! Between winter comedy tours and busy broadcasting schedules, its worth getting those crucial dates in the talent diary now to ensure the perfect act or host for your awards ceremony or gala dinner hasn’t already been snapped up.

Lecture Over. Ready for a quick-fire guide to selecting your talent, followed by some top host/act ideas? Let’s Go…

FormatLet’s start with the building blocks. We know that, when there’s eating and drinking involved, even the most experienced talent can be battling for attention, which is why it’s important to loosen your grip on any pre-conceived ideas about what should go where and consult the act themselves if you’re unsure. Booking a comedian to do a set? They’ll all tell you that, for an after-dinner performance, 9.30pm is the sweet spot. Hosting an awards ceremony? Keep the opening speech or performance short and sweet, as those extra ten minutes at the top will feel like a longer more by the time you reach Awards Category Number 35!

Audience Who is in the audience and what do you want them to take away from your event? Think about options outside of your personal favourites and try to imagine how your shortlist will go down with the group as a whole, taking into account the audience demographic – their age range, backgrounds, nationality etc. For example, a sit-down dinner of international senior finance staff requires a very different sort of act to a party for a customer services crowd in their 20s; although there are of course plenty of acts who can handle both!

ContextTime, Taste and Space. Remember to take into account the context of your event vision when it comes to Time, Taste and Space. Is the venue a bit unusual? Check with your act that it’s suitable for their show in terms of A/V, line of site and seating plan. Bear in mind that venues without seating make audiences notoriously tricky to command and differently-abled guests may not be able to stand for long periods. Cultural and Health differences should, of course, be taken into account when considering the menu, not forgetting plenty of options for those who don’t drink alcohol. Also, we all know in the UK that many celebratory event are geared around the run up to Christmas, but consult the calendar and see what other cultural milestones are coming up. Is there a way you can make the event more inclusive for those that don’t observe Christian Xmas? Finally, where comedy is concerned, don’t be afraid to ask the artist whether they think their corporate set is right for your crowd – it’s in no one’s interest to cause offense, so speak up before booking if you have concerns.

A Few Ideas

Of course we always want to talk to you personally about your event so we can get the ideas ball rolling – but for the moment, here are a few of our top acts your might like to take a look at:

Clara Headshot

Clara Amfo

Award Winning Broadcaster – Awards Host/Presenter

China Headshot


We Run The World Female DJ Agency – Music/Entertainment

Lee Ridley Bodyshot

Lee Ridley

aka Lost Voice Guy – Stand-up Comedy

Clive Headshot

Clive Myrie

Award Winning Broadcaster – Awards Host/Speaker

Tom Allen

Tom Allen

Stage & Screen Comedian – Stand-up Comedy