Introducing… online mastermind clinics for diversity and inclusion in events management

Looking for a Diversity Course for Events Managers in the UK?

Where can I find online diversity training for Events Managers in the UK?

Spectrum Speakers offers online D&I Mastermind Clinics for Events Managers in the UK. As the UKs first inclusion focussed supplier and consultancy to the events industry with 15 years experience, Spectrum Speakers are ideally placed to offer online diversity coaching for Event Managers. Online or live video chat diversity and inclusion courses for the events industry are hard to find in the UK – Spectrum Speakers offers the first UK based solution for training events managers in diversity and inclusion issues.

Does online diversity training for events managers work?

Yes, online Mastermind Clinics designed specifically for Events Managers are highly effective when delivered by experts and tailored to the individuals. Spectrum Speakers offers our monthly Mastermind Clinics designed to give participants enough time and space to prepare before, participate during and reflect after each session to allow maximum benefits to the staff, and company as a whole.

How long does D&I training for events managers take?

The ideal length of time for Diversity and Inclusion Mastermind Clinics for Events Managers is around six months. The course is 6 months long, one mastermind clinic a month. The course takes the form of Collaborative Learning, rather than a Webinar or Lecture series.