Spotlight on Keynote and Motivational Speakers

Ally Owen Headshot

October is the Month of National Diversity and Inclusion Week and Black History Month, so now is the ideal time to introduce the UK’s first Diversity focused Speaker and Entertainment Agency – Spectrum Speakers. With so many elements to take care of, Event Managers often lack the time and specialist knowledge to search beyond the surface when trying to find the right speaker, host or performer for their event, and can therefore find using an outside search and booking agency hugely beneficial when it comes to curating keynote sessions and panels which are inclusive.

“When sourcing speakers from niche industries, such as engineering or data, I found few to no diverse experts on the speaker circuit; I knew they must be there, I just had to look intentionally”, says Lauralee Whyte, founder of Spectrum Speakers; “This was what I found to be most challenging throughout my 15 year career in the events industry.”