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Spectrum Speakers Founder and Diversity Thought-Leader Lauralee Whyte was interviewed in an article by Mash Media‘s leading event publication Conference News for their July/August edition.

Alongside Shonali Devereaux, Lauralee shared her experiences and insights into Spectrum Speaker’s mission to both amplify and shine a light on the huge range of diverse expertise and talent available for speaking and entertainment roles at events, and to empower organisations by allowing them the space and time to have key conversations relating to making events more inclusive from top to bottom.

Lauralee also highlighted the need to recognise and empower events organisers who are making efforts to implement change but are held back by fear of ‘getting it wrong’. She said, “I think we should call out things that are being done incorrectly, or things that are done in a thoughtless manner. But, to point fingers at someone who’s clearly trying – that actually puts us back. A person in my network said we should be calling in. This means pulling someone aside privately and saying ‘I can see you are trying to do this, but have you considered doing it this way?”

You can read the full article here.

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