Speaker Spotlight: Donae’O

Donae'O Speaker and Artist

This fortnight, we’re shining a light on our latest exclusive speaker signing, Donae’O, British rapper, singer, songwriter and UK funky house legend.

Donae’O has been an early adopter of almost all London’s crucial urban movements – from garage to grime to the UK funky-inspired house that continues to influence today’s charts. He’s also neurodivergent, which he feels is his super power as it allows him hyper focus on his music, so he’s uniquely placed to share insights with audiences about the trajectory of a hugely successful creative career and the benefits and challenges neurodiversity brings.

Donae’O has ADHD, which he says imbues him with another kind of sensitivity: an ability to feel more acutely than most. In contrast to the larger-than-life persona he wears on record, he also describes himself an “ambivert” who keeps his cards close to his chest and doesn’t court publicity.

Donae’O can bring a range of unique and fascinating insights to your audiences. He offers unparalleled insight into the creative process – and why it’s important to have an analytical approach to creativity. His talks also cover his personal journey and legacy within the music industry and how the same principles apply to being successful in life and business.

He also speaks knowledgeably and sensitively about Men’s Mental Health – recounting his own challenges with clinical depression, his mental wellbeing and the reasons why men need to talk openly about these challenges and support each other.

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