Sponsor Me! The State of The Events Industry

We’re good at keeping our ear to the ground – so here is the world’s fastest overview of the current state of the market. One thing is clear – events sponsorship money is a HUGE driving factor behind events industry growth.

Recent research by ABPCO and Allied Market Reports has shed some light on the current state of the events industry, offering some interesting insights into how things are, and where they’re going. The data reveal that nearly 75% of events in the UK are now taking place in person, indicating a gradual return to pre-pandemic levels. What’s crazy is the Events Market is projected to surge to a staggering $2.1 trillion globally by 2032 – so we’re going from strength to strength eventprofs!

There’s also been a notable 5% increase in event professional hires in the UK in 2023, highlighting what a resilient bunch we are. Sponsorship in definitely a crucial driver of growth in the industry, with ABPCO members purchasing £23.2 million in exhibition space and generating £43.2 million in sponsorships in 2023. This emphasises the importance of making strategic partnerships in fuelling the future of the events sector.

So, looking ahead, the corporate events and seminars segment is poised to keep its dominant position in the industry over the next decade. With businesses increasingly recognizing the value of face-to-face interactions and experiential marketing, the demand for corporate events is expected to remain robust. As the events landscape continues to evolve, these findings provide valuable insights for industry professionals, guiding strategic decisions and fostering innovation in event planning and execution.

So, the million dollar question is whether your inclusion strategy extends to creating a diverse portfolio of sponsorship partnerships? 👀