Start 2023 Inspired: 4 Kick-off IDEAS for HR Professionals

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Boosting Recruitment – whether it’s a half-day workshop or an ongoing relationship, Spectrum’s recruitment experts offer insights and guidance across a number of aspects of inclusive recruitment, including Pay Gaps, Faith Inclusion, Neurodiversity Inclusion and Accessibility Awareness.

Exploring Mental Health – Spectrum is fortunate to work with mental health experts from a wide range of backgrounds, with lived experience and insights invaluable to the workforce, such as Men’s Metal Health, Mental Wellness and Peak Performance, Millennial Mental Health and Living with a Mental Illness.

Innovative, Inclusive Leadership Teams – as well as facilitating conversations throughout the organisational hierarchy, Spectrum can offer specialist training sessions designed for senior management and business leaders.

Maximizing Creativity – from broadcasting heavyweights, comedians, musicians and poets, to Fintech geniuses, business experts, and sports stars, Spectrum regularly books diverse leaders in their fields who are highly experienced in sharing their personal journey and inspiring audiences.

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Our roster or thought-leaders and entertainers includes Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Differently-Abled, Neurodivergent and Socially Disadvantaged speakers, hosts and entertainment who captivate audiences and spark discussion.

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