Ten Tech Speakers and Topics for Your Events in 2023

This month, we’re diving into tech topics, trends and, of course, speaker ideas for your events in 2023. Take a look at a selection of tech experts available to book from Spectrum Speakers, or give us a call to discuss what our brilliant tech speakers can offer your audiences in 2023.

  • Roberta Lucca – Gaming and creative Entrepreneur, Beta is a futurist, angel investor, international keynote speaker and creator of Hyper Curious podcast. [bio here]
  • Renee Reid – Staff UX Design Researcher at LinkedIn, Renee is an expert in Customer Success, Sales and User Experience and leading research on the Search and Discovery, Navigation and Trust & Privacy member experiences. [bio here]
  • Julia Streets – FinTech and Cybersecurity expert, helping financial services and technology (FinTech) firms grow and host of DiverCity podcast. [bio here]
  • Neil Milliken – Global Head of Accessibility at Atos, Neil helps make the world a better place by delivering better technology for customers and staff, embedding inclusive practice into the processes of large organisations. [bio here]

💻 Web3 – it’s been called ‘the future of the internet’, so it’s not a stretch to say that every business needs to be across developments in Web3. It’s difficult to imagine a decentralised internet, where giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter no longer dominate, but that’s the idea behind Web3. Technologies like decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), blockchain, cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) would allow us to create online communities that truly belong to the users, or what Forbes called ‘digital democracies’. Sound exciting, or risky (or both)?

💻 Green Tech – the pressure is on to not only use technology to help solve the global energy crisis and slow climate change, but also to find sustainable alternatives to existing tech that we rely on so much in daily business.

💻 Robotics – robotics already play a huge role in industries such as manufacturing and logistics, but what about in the home and office? In 2023, expect to see further leaps in technology, from taking mundane tasks off our hands, to Assistive Technology making life and getting around more easy for those with different needs.

💻 Autonomous Systems – we’ve had next day delivery, even same day delivery, but how about delivery by drone, or electric delivery robot? More and more large companies are looking into automated solutions to logistical challenges, from moving stock around warehouses, to getting the new iPhone delivered to customers quickly, cheaply and sustainably.

💻 Cybersecurity – As more and more businesses move their systems and data into the cloud, the risk of cyberattacks has never been greater. Ransomware in particular has been named as a key danger in 2023, with one report from last year finding that “globally, 79 per cent of organisations have experienced ransomware attacks” (1)

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(1) Splunk’s 2022 State of Security report – https://www.splunk.com/en_us/campaigns/state-of-security.html