Three Tips for Measuring the Impact of Diverse Speakers on Your Event’s Success

So you’re thinking about intentionally keeping diversity and inclusion in mind when booking corporate speakers and entertainment? Great! But we know every aspect of events gets turned over, scrutinised and examined afterwards – so how do we measure the impact of choosing diverse speakers and entertainment on your event’s overall success?

A Good Start : Simply by making different choices and weaving diversity into your event line-up, you’re already taking steps to make your events, and the events world in general, a more successful and inclusive place for everyone. Awareness breeds more awareness.

Knock on Effect : Keep an eye on how your audience responds in the metrics measuring how interesting and varied they found the ideas and topics discussed at the event – greater diversity in corporate speakers and entertainment choices means more backgrounds, more life experiences and more points of view – so if you see a jump in good feedback on this front, keep going!

Qualitative and Quantitative : There are lots of ways of measuring the success of an event, but when it comes to looking at the impact of booking diverse speakers and entertainment at corporate events, we recommend spreading the net wide! Take stock of all social media activity at and around your event, and keep an eye on it on the day for on the spot feedback; get granular with more detailed feedback after the event, and don’t forget to get out there on the floor and listen in on a few conversations – nothing beats honest candid feedback from the horse’s mouth.

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