Why Diverse Spaces are a Must-Have

an outline of a person making a sushing gesture

Let’s talk about why having a mix of spaces at your corporate event is an absolute game-changer. It’s not just about setting up spots that look good; it’s about creating an atmosphere where everyone is included.

Here are a few thoughts ⤵️

Quiet Spaces for a Timeout – First things first, it’s 2024 – you need to have a quiet space. It’s the spot for anyone needing a breather, but especially for neurodivergent delegates. Picture this: softer lighting, chill colours and comfy furniture, it’s basically a quiet break from the hustle and bustle of your event schedule. This chill zone is all about recharging, making sure everyone can soak up the event without feeling like they got hit by a sensory tornado.

Relaxed Spots for One-on-ones – Beyond a quiet space, we also need places to just kick back and relax, say hello to each other, and have a few private conversations. After all, your delegates are often there to network, do business and make connections, and busy, noisy rooms aren’t always ideal. Think comfy seats, laid-back furnishings, and plenty of charging for people who need to access their tech.

Quiet Spots for Parenting – Not every event will have people with infants attending, but if breastfeeding parents will be there, then you’d better believe there needs to be a spot for them – and definitely not a bathroom. It’s all about respecting everyone’s needs and making the event vibe inclusive for parents.

Prayer Time- Some of your delegates might need to pray during your event. Many events venues these days already have a designated multi-faith prayer room, but it’s something to check out when you’re choosing a venue, and find out what they can offer if there isn’t already a designated spot set up.

Having a mix of spots at events is a statement – a loud one – about being inclusive and respectful of everyone’s needs. Event organizers: you’re not just arranging spaces; you’re crafting an experience that’s positive and enriching for everyone.

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