Mastermind Clinics

Introducing… Spectrum Mastermind Clinics

Collaborative, Interactive Mastermind Clinics for Event Professionals

“The industry is getting serious about sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in 2023” – Amex 2023 Global Meetings & Events Forecast

Learn from an expert – and from each other.

Spectrum Masterclass Clinics for Events Professionals are curated by experts in the business. As one of the first Inclusion focussed suppliers and consultancy to the events industry in the UK, the Spectrum team are uniquely placed to advise, inform and spark discussion about how to weave inclusion into all aspects of event management.

Created with input from our roster of thought-leaders, our monthly Mastermind Clinics are designed to give participants enough time and space to prepare before, participate during and reflect after each session to allow maximum benefits to the staff, and company as a whole.

Placing Inclusion and Accessibility at the Heart of Event Planning

Key Inclusion in Events topics each month

Leader directed learning and participant discussion

Discussion of theoretical and real-life challenges

How the Mastermind Clinics Work

Opportunities for collaborative Inclusion Learning in the Events Sector are currently few and far between, and there is only so much that can be achieved in D&I training delivered by a non-events specialist, or one off seminars about Diversity at Events Trade Shows or summits.

○ 6 month course, 1 mastermind clinic a month

○ Collaborative Learning, rather than a Webinar or Lecture

○ Scalable to different group sizes

○ Pre-course discovery, post-course anonymised feedback

○ Preparatory tasks, scenario evaluation

○ Safe space for discussions

About Your Mastermind

Lauralee is an events, entertainment and speaker specialist with a background in marketing spanning 15 years.

Throughout her career, Lauralee has overseen partnerships across key brands and events, such as BT Sport, Retail Trust, Virgin Money, UEFA Champions League, Nickelodeon, Pfizer and Diageo, to list a few.

Lauralee created Spectrum to disrupt the generic corporate talent industry, and shine a light on the Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Differently Abled, Neurodivergent and Socially Disadvantaged speakers and entertainers who are leading experts in their own fields (be that Finance, Technology or Wellbeing) and not just to be called upon to discuss diversity issues.

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