Ioannis Ioannou


Sustainability & ESG Scholar

Professor Ioannis Ioannuo, Ph.D. (Ee-oh-AH-nees Ee-oh-AH-noo) of London Business School is a renowned scholar and strategist who’s research focuses on Sustainability, CSR and ESG.

His award-winning work is important for helping companies strategically navigate the complexities of sustainability disruption. By providing expert guidance to overcome critical challenges and trade-offs while seizing the many growth opportunities this transformation generates, his support assists organisations in effectively embedding environmental and social issues into their business models and strategies, enabling them to smoothly navigate this disruption.

Ioannou’s dynamic and engaging presentations blend storytelling, data visualisation, case studies, and interactive exercises with a multidisciplinary, evidence-based methodology. In the process, he illuminates how organisations can:

– Create value, achieve better financial performance, and ensure regulatory compliance

– Enhance reputation, investor confidence, customer loyalty, competitiveness, and resilience while strengthening the social licence to operate

– Attract, recruit, retain and engage talent with meaningful work

– Drive sustainable growth and impact while avoiding marketing pitfalls like greenwashing

Ioannis believes that businesses can play a critical role in helping to address some of the world’s biggest challenges. He aims to increase awareness and the capability of executives, managers and founders to fundamentally integrate corporate sustainability into the way they do business.


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