Kris Foster


Co-Founder of Open Book

Meet Kris Foster, a dynamic advocate for inclusivity and office engagement assistant who refuses to let labels define him. Living with Aarskog syndrome, cervical spondylosis, and autism, Kris embodies resilience.

Currently rocking the role of Office Engagement Assistant at a finance and tech firm, Kris is the go-to guy for keeping things running smoothly. From wrangling meeting rooms to mastering office logistics, he’s the behind-the-scenes hero. Catch him representing his company at conferences, where he passionately advocates for employing people with disabilities.

But Kris doesn’t stop there. He’s also the brains behind ‘Open Book,’ a media platform amplifying voices from the disabled community and challenging corporate giants to create fair employment opportunities for everyone.

Beyond his 9-to-5 hustle, Kris dives into fashion, music, poetry, and community outreach, living and breathing his mission to make the world a more inclusive place. With values like Collaboration, Challenge, and Celebration driving him, Kris isn’t just changing the game at work—he’s rewriting the rules for a better tomorrow.

3 Keynote Topics

  1. “Building the disabled talent pipeline and why your workplace needs more disabled employees” Explore Kris’s journey advocating for employability in the disabled community. Gain insights on overcoming challenges and creating fair opportunities for all.
  2. “Open Book Media: Amplifying Unheard Voices” Feel into the mission of ‘Open Book’ as Kris discusses showcasing talents, challenging perceptions, and building a more inclusive society. Learn about the platform’s impact and future goals.
  3. “Smashing the Stigma in Fashion & Fitness” An exploration of the barriers facing individuals with disabilities in the realms of fashion and fitness. A special talk with Kris inviting these industries to challenge stereotypes, reshape perceptions and redefine what’s possible.


Footpatrol and OPEN BOOK for Disability Awareness Month | Kris Foster