Kunal Pattany


Founder of Digital Human

Kunal Pattany is a Digital Marketing expert, with more than a decade’s experience in the UK, Middle East and South Africa. Kunal began his Marketing career at NS&I and has held roles at KPMG, RSM UK and Kantar. Kunal now owns a digital marketing agency Digital Human.

Kunal founded Digital Human to help its users use data to unlock their audiences and improve engagement both on and offline. Through the human side, they provide training and consultancy to help users understand their customers better. The digital side offers all the tactical services needed to reach users more effectively.

Kunal also helped to launch Google Guru, a digital education programme which works with digital leaders and graduates in large companies to ensure they able to educate, collaborate and engage with their teams, CEOs and CTOs.

Kunal is also an experienced public speaker. His work has been recognised by Google with the Spirit of Google Squared Award.


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