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Luis Canto E Castro


Accessibility Ambassador

Luis is a powerful speaker on disability equality and creating a world that is more inclusive for everyone using technology. Diagnosed with a serious genetic muscle disorder before his third birthday, Luis has beaten the odds, becoming a prolific vlogger with a full-time career in technology and with a passion for Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics. He is a voice of authority on achieving your goals and dreams, no matter the odds. Luis doesn’t let his condition define him – not even close!

Luis’s life has been extraordinary; diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2, a degenerative neuromuscular condition, soon after birth, doctors had already given Luis six different life expectancies before the age of 25. In spite of continual set-backs, Luis remains empowered to make the most of his life – despite the physical challenges his condition causes, his determination to succeed has enabled him to overcome everyday obstacles and succeed in his career. Having left school at the age of 16, Luis has managed to build a varied and successful career, spanning 15 years in recruitment and business development, and culminating in him achieving his goal of forging a career in technology. In 2019, he took the leap into a career in IT and, in February 2020, he earned himself a CompTIA A+ in Information Technology. His drive has never wavered, he takes every opportunity that comes his way, continually researching to keep his skills and expertise up-to-date.

Luis lives by two core values; Determination and Adventure. His dream is to help create a world that is more inclusive for everyone. He is currently working on a variety of projects including a specialized inclusive tech start-up aimed at making the world more accessible, online and offline.

Luis is a down to earth and friendly speaker covering topics such as accessibility, Disability, Disability taboos, inspiration, social mobility, technology, and motivation. 


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