Sarah Hunt


Corporate Wellness Expert

Sarah is a corporate wellness expert with 15 years’ experience delivering keynote talks, teaching yoga and running wellness programmes. Her signature wellbeing series is dedicated to elevating the conference experience, ensuring that delegates remain inspired, rejuvenated and focused throughout the event. This in turn leads to higher engagement and more productive discussion, while also supporting everyone’s physical and mental health.

Sarah is known for her lighthearted and uplifting approach, and is celebrated for her meaningful impact on the events industry, making conferences more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Sarah is also the founder of the renowned Disco Yoga® brand which has been featured in Women’s Health Magazine, Glamour, the Evening Standard and Grazia. This provides a fun and exhilarating experience for corporate events, festivals and private functions.

With 15 years in corporate health and wellness, Sarah now focuses predominantly on designing wellness programmes for large events and conferences. Using her wide range of experience in yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and keynote speaking, Sarah offers a diverse range of wellbeing packages that are specifically designed to elevate each event.

Sarah’s “Conference Wellness” menu is filled with a wide variety of sessions that event organisers can choose from in order to keep the delegates energised, focused and inspired throughout the day.


Sarah Hunt - Corporate Yoga & Wellness - Chair Yoga